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On this page we have listed frequent questions, and we appreciate if you read this through before sending an email. Often the answers to your questions are found here.


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up I found an error on the website

If you find any errors, please notify us by sending an email and we will take a look at it right away! (be sure to include error messages, what you did when you encountered the error and so on in your email)

up A product or page cannot be found

If you encounter the 404 error message, try to clean up your cache/reload the frame where the link you clicked are located (for example in the main menu) and try again. If the error still occurs, please send us an email and we'll take a look at it.
info @

up I can't use the shopping cart

up I am unable to use the Wishlists

The wishlist functionality uses AJAX, wich is not supported by old web browsers, however the large browsers Firefox (in version 1+), Mozilla (1.7+), Internet Explorer (5.5+), Google Chrome (2+), Opera(7.3) and safari (4+) works exellent. If you are using one of the obove browsers and still cannot use the wishlists, please contact us ASAP.

up Can you get a pair of shoes for me?

We can get you any shoes/boots from Pleaser, Demonia, Lucious or Devious lines. If you're looking for a model that isn't in our range, just send us an email telling us which shoes your interested in and we will get back to you with the actual cost for the shoes.

We do not carry shoes from other brands currently.

up Two different prices, which is right?

You will see the correct price when you have chosen your color and size of the items. (If you're from outside EU you might need to login to see your prices)

Sometimes there's a different price showing in the search results or on the category pages, that is because another color or size is or has been on the final sale.

up How do I log in?

Click "Log in" at the top (over the logotype) and you will be taken to the login page.

up I've forgot my password!

Click "I forgot my password" on the login page, then fill in your email address and your password will be sent to you straight away!

up How do I cancel my order?

Send us an email containing your order number at info @ and tell us that you want to cancel your order. We will confirm that your order has been canceled. You can cancel your order as long as it has not been shipped from us.

If you change your mind regarding an order which has already been shipped, just send it back. You will have to pay the shipping costs.

up Has my order been shipped yet?

When your order is shipped an email will be sent to the email address you entered when the order was made.

up I accidentally ordered same items twice

We understand this and always try to sieve out double orders, if you had two different order numbers we wish you to send us an email notifying us on which order you would like to keep.

up I didn't get a order confirmation email

If you suspect we did not retrieve your order, (if you did not get an order confirmation) please check your spam box or junk mail. Please control that you have a working email address connected with your account. If you still can not find it please contact us and we will help you.

up Do you ship internationally?

Yes, no problems. We ship to a number of countries. if you can not find your country in the list when creating an account we can add your country.

up I wish to return an item

In your package you got an return parcel, use it. If you wish to have your money back, do not forget to give us your account number or paypal ID (email). If you have lost your return parcel you can get a new one from:
Note! When returning shoes/boots, never tape on the shoe box!

up I wish to make an complaint

If you have retrieved a faulty or broken item,
Send us an email with attached picture.
Wait for response...
Fill out your return parcel together with a short description of the fault. Then return the item/-s and we will replace it. If the item is faulty we will take care of all the extra expenses*. *=You have to contact us in advance and make a deal about how the item is shipped. Do not forget your bank account number and or paypal account information on the return parcel.

up What's your address?
Odium Clothing
Box 5110
426 05 V.Frölunda
up How do I exchange an item?
In your package you got an return parcel, use it. On the return parcel you should fill out which item you wish to return and which item you wish instead. (do not forget size/color) If you have lost your return parcel you can get a new one from:
Note! When returning shoes/boots, never tape on the shoe box!
up Can I shower with my hair extensions?

Yes you can take a shower, and you can use shampoo.

However it might not be such a good idea to take a shower evry day because the hair does not have the necessary time to dry.

And if you shower often it will wear.

up Can you measure an item for me?

Unfortunately we do not have that many items in stock and can not measure an item we do not have at hand.
Please take a look in our size chart

up Do you have a physical store?

Today we do not, only this online store.

up Will you get/sell _ _ _ ?

We get a lot of questions about what we will sell in the future, We can special order shoes/boots from Pleaser/Devious/Demonia/Lucious. Just tell us in an email what to get!
About other items we might be able to get some items so please tell us what you are interested in.

up What kind of boning is it in the Corsets?

The boning in the corset is plastic if no other information is given on the product page.

up HELP! What size should i get on my shoes?

We have notices that the shoe sizes does not differ to much from the chart. Check out the chart at

up How long is the delivery time?

The derlivery time varies between one and four weeks, for more information please se info


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